Prime Membership Card

Prime Membership Card

Prime Membership Card for Personal Loan Applicant

For the people applying for a Personal loan, he must first enroll as a Prime member at Chachyot Finance Private Limited. Prime membership card enables user to apply for Personal loan through our portal in multiple NBFC banks. We run your documents through banks and provide you with attractive Interest rates on minimum paperwork with quick offers within 30 minutes*.

Rs. 3999.00 1199.00 only

Card Benefits

Once you enroll at Chachyot Finance Private Limited, respective team will ask for your loan related document. We then make a file of all your documents and send them to multiple partnering NBFC Banks. NBFC banks check your profile, matches them to required profile and give approval of loan. If your profile matches in more than one NBFC Banks, Chachyot Finance Private Limitedwill provide you list of approving NBFC Banks, saving you a great amount of time of going into multiple banks for loan.

This is one of the most important benefit of our company's membership card, because getting a loan is time consuming process. In daily busy routine no one has time to visit multiple banks for loan process so here our company is providing this facility at one platform. Secondly every time you open your file at a bank for loan, your CIBIL score gets deducted, but with Chachyot Finance Private Limited your file will only open in those banks where your profile matches, helping you in a better CIBIL score even if you don’t take a loan.

Chachyot Finance Private Limited

We are India’s Finest membership card based loan providing company. We have our head office based ( V P O Chail Chowk, Chachyot,
Mandi, Himachal Pradesh - 175028 India). Proudly affiliating with 20+ NBFC banks, we have been successfully providing Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Balance Transfer, etc. pan India. Having more than 1400 + happy customers due to our transparent specialized lending policy. We not only help our customer by providing loan when needed, but we also help them in financial planning and easy loan assistance anytime anywhere.

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